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Access Point targets the telecommunications needs of the business customer with competitive choices. Combine your local and long distance service for one monthly bill or boost your business access by selecting one of our many local service plans. These plans give you combined local and long distance service plus special area rates and calling features to suit your business needs.

Your business relies on your telephone service to stay connected to your customers. We use established networks to offer local service nationwide. With Access Point you get a reliable telephone network, cost savings, a full range of features, a single bill and our personalized customer service.

Plain old telephone service, or POTS, is the standard, analog telephone service that remains the basic form of residential and small business telephone service nearly everywhere in the world.  The obvious benefits with this service is cost and functionality.  From single-line phones, to multi-line PBXs, basic dial tone is still a necessity!
Short for central office exchange service, Centrex is a type of PBX service in which switching occurs at a local telephone station instead of at the company premises.  Centrex eliminates the need to use separate exchange lines delivered to a site for use with a PBX. Instead, telephone extensions, called Centrex lines, are delivered directly from the local exchange to the user.  Centrex is perfect for multiple-location businesses wanting a single, easy-to-use service.  This service allows you to add or remove lines and features so that you pay only for the capacity and features you need, without requiring investment into phone equipment.

Private Branch Exchange service, commonly known as PBX service, provides an arrangement of switching equipment and stations for intercommunicating among the stations and for connections through the local and long distance telephone network to other subscribers.

Integrated Services Digital Network-Basic Rate Interface (ISDN-BRI) is a high-speed, high-capacity digital communications line comprised of 3 channels. The two primary channels communicate at 64 kbps, while the third channel communicates at 16kbps. The two primary channels make it possible for you to connect more than one device to the ISDN line (for example, a PC, phone and fax) so that you can perform two tasks simultaneously over the same line.  ISDN-BRI gives you an affordable yet reliable form of high-speed, digital data communications.  ISDN-BRI service will give you a low-cost way to transmit high-speed data and high-quality voice over a single telephone line at the same time.

Integrated Services Digital Network-Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI) is the industrial strength flavor of ISDN, and is intended for users with much greater capacity requirements. PRI has 23 B channels plus one 64 Kbps D channel. Each channel has a 64Kbps capacity, enabling a total transmission speed of up to 1.536Mbps. With ISDN-PRI, you can pre-define the number of channels used for specific types of calls or data delivery. What this means is that you can use the various channels for accomplishing different things on different channels simultaneously. And, when you combine multiple PRI's, you only need to use one signaling channel for the group of lines, freeing at least one additional B channel for regular traffic.  In other words, ISDN-PRI offers greater flexibility for a business of any size requiring high volume communications.

>Local T-1
A T-1 line is a high-speed digital telephone line that transfers signals at 1.544Mbps and accommodates up to 24 voice lines. A T-1 line can be used in place of separate local trunks and lines from the local telephone company. It also has the ability to bypass your local telephone company and connect directly to your long distance service provider.  Our T-1 access allows you the flexibility to bundle local, long distance, and data services and dynamically allocate traffic as your business needs change or grow.





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