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Interstate, intrastate, intraLATA, international, toll-free, calling cards, conference calls…we are your single point for all of these services. There are a lot of different types of long distance services and providers for each of them. With Access Point, you won't have to use multiple companies. We are your single point for all of these long distance services, bundling them together into one comprehensive, yet flexible package, and all on one single bill. 

One rate for all of your interstate calls, one rate for all of the long distance calls in your state and one rate to each country you call. No worrying about whether your domestic calls are inbound or outbound or what time of the day or day of the week it is. Simple, easy to understand rates.

In addition to our 1+ long distance calling, we offer the services that you need to create a communications program that is just right for your business.


>T1 Service
If your company has a high volume of long distance or toll-free voice traffic, there is no communication facility that is more cost-effective and reliable at the same time than T1 service. 

24 voice channels on one dedicated circuit, traffic management of inbound and outbound calls, integrating data and voice, high-speed Internet access, interconnecting multiple locations. All of these are available with Access Point T1 Service. 

>Toll-Free Service
We offer our toll-free calling with a wide range of features that enable you to customize your service to fit your business's individual needs.

Our Toll-Free services include various routing options, Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), NPA Restriction, and ANI Delivery Service.







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