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What are the standard intervals for orders with Access Point?
Intervals vary by product type, quantity, and order type. Please click here for a list of all Service Intervals.

What is a POC date?
The POC date is the Planned Order Completion Date. That date is the estimated completion date assigned to an order based on the order type, service type, and account status. The POC date will be communicated once it’s been assigned to an order so that customer/agent/vendor can plan for delivery and will have a reasonable expectation of when the service order should complete.

How are POC dates determined?
Access Point’s Intervals are based on our service level agreements with underlying network carriers. The POC is an estimate as to the number of days it takes to process a specific order type. We take into account our internal processing time plus the processing time for the RBOC or underlying carrier. Intervals may vary slightly per product, area and carrier however our quoted intervals have taken those mild variances into account. Requests for ancillary services or co-dependent services will be assigned a cumulative interval of all steps required prior to activation.

Is the POC a guaranteed date?
While we will make every attempt to meet or beat the POC date on all orders, we are unable to guarantee service delivery dates. Variables such as weather, facilities, RBOC limitations, or LNP scheduling (release by relinquishing carrier) are not under our direct control.

When is the POC date assigned to an order?
The POC date is established after the following have been completed:

  • Complete and accurate paperwork has been received
  • Credit has been approved
  • CSR has been obtained from the previous carrier for the following service or installation types: All local voice services, POTS, Centrex, PBX, ISDN-BRI, RCF, T-1 and VoIP.
  • Pre-provisioning conference call has taken place. Calls are required for the following service or installation types: T-1, VoIP, MPLS, Frame Relay and VPN.

What’s the difference between a POC date and a FOC date?
The POC date is API’s estimated completion date for the service order. FOC’s (Firm Order Confirmation) are dates provided by the underlying carriers for the specific date the lines or circuits will be installed or cut over on their facilities.

The POC dates are measured in business days and do not include weekends and API observed holidays.





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