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Please contact us at 800.957.6468 or email our Customer Service Department


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Customer Service is what makes Access Point the best choice for your business telecommunication needs.

If you have questions or need help our Customer Service team is always available. When you call we have a professional, experienced representative available to help. Your call will be answered by us, not our voicemail.

Our Customer Service Center hours are from 8:00am to 7:00pm eastern time, Monday through Friday. However, a representative is always on-call and will respond immediately to your call.

>The Team

Account Development Specialists
We know it’s not enough to win your business…we have to work to keep it. Our Account Development Specialists do just that by reviewing account profiles and looking for ways to provide better and more efficient services and support.

Customer Service Representatives
Our telephone ambassadors are the front line of our Customer Service department. They receive every incoming call on our toll-free service number, answering questions, solving problems, and gathering critical service data. With their training and expertise they can resolve most of your customer care issues, with just one call.

Resolution Specialists
This group is dedicated to resolving the more complex service and billing problems should they arise. They work with our internal provisioning departments and our underlying carriers to speed a solution to the customer as quickly as possible. They work against established Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) intervals to provide timely resolutions.

Service Verification Specialists
A unique component of our quality control is the Service Verification Program. After a customer’s order has been provisioned and installed, the Service Verification Specialists perform a final review on the entire order. After verifying that all services and billing are set up accurately, they send a notification to a Customer Service Representative. This representative calls to personally confirm good service. This helps ensure that you get the best possible start with Access Point.





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