Setting up your password.
The FCC now requires you to establish an account password to use whenever calling us about your service. Also required is that you choose a back up security question and provide an answer to it, in the event that you should forget or lose your password.

Please call our customer service center at 1-800-957-6468 and let a representative know that you need to establish your account password. During the call, our representative will ask you to:

  1. Provide your account number and the PIN number that is located at the top of this letter.
  2. Establish an account password. This password needs to be 5 10 characters in length.
  3. Choose your back up security question and provide an answer. You can choose from one of the following for your backup question:
    a. Name a professional sports team (city and team name).
    b. Name a type of car (manufacturer and model).
    c. Name a city and state.
    d. Name a book (title and author).
    e. Name a famous American.
  4. Provide an email address for future notifications and correspondence.

Once your password is established and verified, you can use it at any time to call our customer service center to discuss any aspect of your service with us.


The safeguarding of your private information is of utmost concern to Access Point, Inc. It is understandable that consumers are concerned about the safeguards employed by their telecommunications carrier when handling their private and personal data. We want to you feel secure knowing that Access Point, Inc. takes every precaution to ensure the security of your CPNI and any other personal information provided (such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc) to Access Point, Inc. in the course of doing business with us. 

It is our duty to uphold the regulations regarding the protection of private customer information. It is also our responsibility to allow you to restrict the use of your CPNI to market additional products and services for which you do not currently subscribe, even if we believe the services would save you time or money.

What is CPNI? 
Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is defined as any information about a customer’s Telecommunications Network which has been gained as a result of being a service provider (current or past). CPNI includes, but is not limited to, any information related to products in use, usage details, calling patterns, additional service providers, and equipment.

How do I make my choice known?
Federal Law allows carriers to use your CPNI for the purpose of billing telecom services, and maintaining those services on your account. Your decision to permit Access Point, Inc. to utilize your CPNI to market additional products and services not currently purchased by you is for you to decide. Because the immediate access to your CPNI allows us to quickly make decisions and offer solutions that will save you time & money, we assume your permission is granted.

However, if you do not wish for Access Point, Inc. to use your CPNI to determine if additional products and services would better serve your telecommunications needs, you can choose to Opt Out by contacting Customer Service via email at or fax 800.488.8859. Please label the subject line "OPT OUT of ACCESS POINT, INC. CPNI USE" and include the date of your request, your account number, account name, mailing address, contact person's name & telephone number. This information is used to confirm and verify receipt of your request and ensure it's really being made by you, our valued customer. Should you change your mind at any time and decide to opt back in, please contact Customer Service.

When does Access Point, Inc. allow third parties to use our CPNI?
Access Point, Inc. does not sell, trade or disclose your CPNI to anyone. We do not allow access to your CPNI by a third party unless you have given us express written permission to do so. Access Point, Inc. will contact you directly and request your express written approval to use or disclose CPNI prior to providing it to any party outside of Access Point, Inc. if that approval is not currently on file. 

In the rare circumstance that your CPNI is requested via court action, subpoena or government ruling, Access Point, Inc. shall comply with such requests without your consent.

How will your services be affected if you choose to restrict CPNI use?

Your decision not to allow Access Point, Inc. or third parties to utilize your CPNI to market certain products & services to you will not affect the services you subscribe to today, but may cause you to miss out on cost saving promotions and products that we think you would benefit from in the future. Your opt out of CPNI Use will remain in effect for as long or short as you desire. There are no fees or penalties for changing your status at any time.