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We specialize in helping large companies manage their communications more effectively.  Our robust billing and order management system allows for flexible and customized reporting of monthly charges, usage records, and individual call detail records.  In addition, the open architecture of our system allows for our customers to use electronic interfaces to obtain information on their accounts, orders, and billing invoices.        

Custom Reports
We offer several management report options.  Our billing department is happy to work directly with you to design and implement reports that provide maximum benefit.  We take the time to understand your business so we can provide the best solution. The following Management Reports are available at no charge:

  • Executive Summary
  • Sub Account Summary
  • Usage by Account Code (shown above)
  • Usage by Account Code w/ Department
  • Department Usage Summary
  • Usage by Account Code: Name Only

You can also view your bill online with My Access Point (MAP).  View your account, add or change services, submit a service or billing request, and check order status online.

My Access Point provides:

  • Single login for access to all accounts
  • Invoice information and PDF invoices online
  • Historical invoice information
  • Usage reports
  • Current unbilled usage records
  • View of all services and products on every account
  • Order status information
  • Trouble ticket submission
  • Status updates of trouble tickets

Invoice Tutorial
We designed this tutorial to highlight the options available on your Access Point invoice. Please take a moment to learn more about your bill.





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