Access Point University

The Benefits

Instant - Access training content 24/7 anywhere from any web-enabled device
With on-demand training, you can start onboarding as soon as the contract is signed! This empowers you to get started using your new services immediately.

Efficient – quickly train current and future employees
Videos provide your employees with the most engaging way to ramp up and get familiar with new services. With on-demand training videos, employees have the option to enhance their learning curve without hampering their productivity.

Convenient - Start, stop, and replay videos from any device
Training videos can be referenced again and again. Another huge advantage of video training is that the materials can be easily referenced whenever the employees have the need.  Having videos on file will also benefit new employees who join your team.

Cost-Effective – This training is FREE!
Video training eliminates time and costs related to on-site training, while also providing the best learning experiences for employees.

How to use